Hand Harvested Sea Salts

Whether you prefer the fresh taste of sel de mer, or the bold and unique flavours of honey garlic or sweet pear and wild juniper, our salts have the power to enhance, transform, or simply complement any dish you choose to make. 

We finish our salt over hot coals, leaving enough moisture so the salt crystals sit a moment before dissolving on your tongue, giving you the full experience of a pure, fresh, Atlantic sea salt

Wild Botanical Vinegars

Each vinegar begins with a trip to Cape Breton's coastalwilderness, where fresh botanicals are hand harvested in preparation for every small batch.

These are gently infused in fresh water, extracting each unique flavour before allowing them to gather wild yeasts from the salty coastal breeze, creating a rich mother of vinegar. 

After fermentation, they are bottled unfiltered and aged for 2 years, letting the flavours mellow and settle, giving you all the wholesome goodness that real vinegar has to offer. We suggest you use this on your salad, oysters, and even in your shrub cocktails!

Wild Foraged Chanterelles

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